HSEQ Assessment 


The developers of the HSEQ were:

  • Efora
  • Kemira
  • Metsä-Botnia
  • Outokumpu Tornio Works
  • Rautaruukki, Ruukki Metals

HSEQ-cluster of the principal companies (Buyers) is open to all interested Buyers who accept the terms of membership.

HSEQ is an assessment method which was developed by five Northern Finnish process industry principal companies, the University of Oulu, Excellence Finland and POHTO (The Institute for Management and Technological Training). It focuses on industrial companies, branch offices and local organizations and their units, as defined by local principal companies. The HSEQ is open to all the above-mentioned supplying companies or to ones who wants to be assessed.

After the Cluster was founded, plenty of new principal companies have joined as member. Please view the front page for more information.



HSEQ is designed to:

  • To increase the productivity of a networked business
  • To improve the business skills in HSEQ matters
  • To encourage companies to develop systematic approaches
  • To raise the level of management in companies
  • To help principal companies to select their own supplying companies

The competition legislation is taken into account in the HSEQ. Cluster membership rules assure that there are no obstacles regarding the European Competition law.


The evaluation process

The criteria and principles of the HSEQ have been agreed between the principal companies. HSEQ is managed by the HSEQ Steering group, audit teams and a Moderator, which is responsible for keeping the register up to date. The Steering Group consists of representatives of Kiwa Inspecta, principal companies and the University of Oulu. The Steering Group organizes the assessments, supervises of the HSEQ operations and leads the development of HSEQ method. Lead assessors are always authorized Kiwa Inspecta’s assessors. Audit teams always consist of minimum one  trained auditor representing Buyers. The principal companies decide how they use the results of assessments.

The effectiveness of the HSEQ is studied by the University of Oulu in several research projects.

More information about the membership of the HSEQ cluster as well as applying for an evaluated supplying company is given by the cluster Chairman Elina Selin, Kiwa Inspecta.


Phone: +358 46 9225050

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